Skog Scented Candle Gift Set - Brasa-Vana Candles
Skog Scented Candle Gift Set - Brasa-Vana Candles
Skog Scented Candle Gift Set - Brasa-Vana Candles

Skog 3in1 Scented Candle Giftset - Brasa

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Give the gift of Vana Candles with our 3in1 Giftsets featuring three unique scents which pay homage to Nordic forests. The candles fit snugly in a box inspired by Nordic plants. Great to give to friends and family, or to sample our candle scents for yourself!

Set includes three 60g Vana Classic Scented Soywax Candles:

Brasa is Swedish for campfire and it’s our seasonal limited candle. The scents are wonderfully unique and create a blend of fresh tobacco, woods and a touch of sweetness. We aim to bring warmth and peace through the light and scent of campfire.

Blomstra is named after the Swedish word for Flourish. This design is inspired by the national bird of Sweden, Koltrast, as shown on the label. Koltrast always returns to Sweden in spring and is well known for its beautiful singing. In the old days, when hearing the Koltrast sing, the Swedish people knew spring had arrived and the long hard winter finally came to an end. We blend a unique fragrance of citrus, moss and vetiver to share the joy of blossom.

Vallhund, also known as Västgötaspets, originated in Sweden and is believed by many to be the ancestor of the European Corgi. While small in size, it is strong in body and colour. Famous for its gentleness and loyalty, it is a very popular species in Sweden. A woody note of cedar with a touch of lavender.