Vana Candles x Birka Limited Edition Scented Soywax Candle Set

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Exclusively sold only at Birka Vikingastaden, Sweden and Vana Candles.

In Sweden, there are 15 sites, which is considered so precious that they must be included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Birka is one of them and commonly known as Sweden’s first town ever built. Located 30km west of contemporary Stockholm, Birka was during mid-8th A.C. throughout 10th A.C a prominent trading center and a flourishing Viking city. This archaeological relic was listed as a “World Heritage” by UNESCO in 1993 and today Birka Vikinngstaden serves as an important role to protect this historical site and to educate all visitors coming from all over the world to explore Viking cultures and its past glory.
We here at Vana Candles are proud to have been selected for a unique collaboration together with Birka Vikingastaden. Birka Vikingastadens and Vana Candles design team have worked together to create three uniquely designed candles with inspiration originated from strong females from the viking age mixed with the spirit of Vana Candles. The candle series is limited to 1000 sets and based on Vana Classic scents wrapped in ancient female Viking symbols that manifest its root and core. We believe this is the perfect scented candle combination to get a taste of fearless Viking culture in a modern Scandinavian way. 

Vana Candles x Birka Limited Edition Scented Soywax Candle Set, Three candles and three Viking symbols.

The woman’s position as housewife meant that she was the head of the farm and the household. One of her most symbolic representations was a key. Many keys have been found in Viking age women’s graves throughout Birka and elsewhere.
/ Fragrance Notes
An elegant citrus note of bergamot with an aroma of fresh forest and earthy vibes. 

Hervor and Brynhilde are names of shield maidens from the Icelandic sagas. The writer Saxo, who appeared in the 13th century, wrote about shield maidens and Alvhild, a young, shy warrior who turned into a wild viking. Today's most-known female warrior is buried in Birka in grave Bj 581 with many weapons and status symbols. She became world-famous in the media after DNA research proved she was a woman and not a man, which was assumed when the grave was first excavated in the 19th century.
/ Fragrance Notes
A warm tobacco and woody tone, tinted with a bit of sweetness.

The Völvas were highly respected Old Norse seeresses “wand carrier”, who in prophetic ecstasy look into the future with help of, among other things, seiðr (sorcery) and runes. Their power was so great that even Oden himself sought them for advice.
/ Fragrance Notes
A calm and tranquil scent of pine trees.

Each candle is hand-poured using 100% soy wax with care and combined with intoxicating fragrances.

/ 15hrs burn per candle /