Ljusvärmaren Lykta-Vana Candles
Ljusvärmaren Lykta-Vana Candles
Ljusvärmaren Lykta-Vana Candles

Ljusvärmaren Lykta Copper

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Ljusvärmaren Lykta is an electric candle warmer designed with elegant curved lines of metal, showing the old time cozy atmosphere of a vintage lamp. The design of Vana Candles candle warmers allow for a top-down melt in an even fashion, thus releasing more fragrances than any other method. A durable halogen bulb, fitted in the metal lamp, warms the scented candle to reveal the candles inner scents and elegant texture. Bring out the fragrance of the scented candles within minutes and enjoy the natural aroma and atmosphere of your scented candles in a safe manner.

  • Designed to warm scented candles
  • Fragrance from scented candles is released within minutes
  • Safe, smokeless, flameless
  • Fitted for 200g Vana Candles


*** For US customers we're sorry to inform that we do not ship candle warmer to your area at the moment, please note. ***