Vana Candles【Brasa】Premium Natural Wax Candle - Spicy 200g

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made in Sweden.

Brasa – Spicy

In the corner of the woods, there was the crackling sound of a bonre, eortlessly
creating bright oranges and deep reds. Under the night sky, the re shone extremely
bright and rhythmically swayed along with the breeze, the grass, and the trees. Familiar
aromas of tobacco and cedar take you back to days spent in the natural wilderness. A
spicy blend permeates the room, reminiscent of when morning comes and the lingering
scent of the previous night’s ame mixes with a new day’s dew.


/ Fragrance Notes
top notes - bergamot, tabacco wood, jasmine
middle notes - rose, lavendar, geranium, lily of the valley, sandalwood, white cedar
base notes - vanila, coumarin, musk, myrrh


/ Made in Sweden / 100% Natural plant-based wax / 40 degrees Celsius melting point (children & pet-friendly) / Natural fragrance complied with REACH / 50hrs consistent high quality burn /