Vana Candles【Midsommar】Premium Natural Wax Candle - Madagascar Jasmine 75g

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made in Sweden.

Midsommar - Madagascar jasmine

It’s the brightest time of the year. With cool weather and pristine blue skies, this is when nature shows its vitality, when the sun does not set, when flowers bloom everywhere, and when colors are so ethereal that happiness in its purest form is the only way to describe what you’re feeling. Fragrant jasmine and orange zest create a light, joyful environment and uplifting aroma. During midsommar,
remember to take a moment to enjoy life and existence.


/ Fragrance Notes
top notes - absolute jasmine, orange zest
middle notes - bitter orange, Madagascar vanilla
base notes - honey, musk

/ Made in Sweden / 100% Natural plant-based wax / 40 degrees Celsius melting point (children & pet-friendly) / Natural fragrance complied with REACH / 18hrs consistent high quality burn /