Vana Candles【Sagoland】Premium Natural Wax Candle - Luxe Linen 75g

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made in Sweden.

Sagoland - Luxe Linen

Every great fairy tail has rhymes and riddles, imaginative realms, and philosophy going deeper than what we see on the surface. Happiness is but one of the outcomes, usually requiring our heroes to dance between the darkness and light, sin and awakening, and suering and joy. rough notes of white jasmine and honeysuckle, experience the opening of a story embellished with purity and hopefulness. As you venture through, subtle notes of sweet pea and soothing bergamot emerge. Take yourself to a realm where reality meets imagination.


/ Fragrance Notes
top notes - white jasmine, sweet pea, soothing bergamot,
sweet honeysuckle
middle notes - vanilla bean, fresh tarragon, clean ozonic
base notes -vetiver, warm amber, white patchouli,
cashmere, sandalwood

/ Made in Sweden / 100% Natural plant-based wax / 40 degrees Celsius melting point (children & pet-friendly) / Natural fragrance complied with REACH / 18hrs consistent high quality burn /