About Us

Vana Candles the brand, was founded by Robin Johansson, based on the belief that a well-designed product should be simple and environmentally responsible, values which the Swedish culture holds dearly.
Vana is the Swedish word for habit. Our mission is to help you establish a vana by using candles in your everyday life. With our Swedish minimalist design concept, we hope to share the Scandinavian living style in the simplest and gentlest way.

Design Concept

At Vana, we value nature. While sharing Scandinavian living habits, we truly believe in the spirit behind Vana Candles - value nature. Our design is inspired by Swedish nature and we aim to arouse the beauty of forests and nature in your memory. Thus to protect and cherish what you love.

Each candle is hand poured using 100% soy wax with care and combined with intoxicating fragrances.

At Vana, We Value Nature.

Robin Johansson